Tariff Modeling

Rate setting, subsidy design and tariff modeling for Utility Companies, Regulatory Authorities and County Governments

Tariff Modeling, Subsidy Design and Rate Setting

Setting rates is probably the most important function of a regulator and utility and is a key factor in the success or failure in the provision of utility services. In this course participants will explore the latest strategies on rate setting and subsidy design as well as discuss practical examples illustrating how rates are calculated in different sectors and countries.

This course contains six modules, each module conducted over a in a classroom, instructor led learning environment. Participants will be responsible for completing random class assignments, analyzing case studies, actively participating in discussion sessions with fellow participants and the course instructor, and completing an action plan.

Participants will need access to a computer with Internet connectivity. Course work is expected to be completed in 6 Days or 7 Days. Participants who successfully complete the course requirements will receive a Certificate of Achievement. By the end of the course, participants will have achieved the learning outcomes provided below.


Senior and Middle level managers of:

-          Communications regulatory companies

-          Water & Electricity regulators

-          Postal Companies

-          Government & County Government/Devolution Experts


Learning Outcomes:

  • Illustrating calculating rates and analyzing utility financial information
  • Illustrating advanced techniques in cost of service, asset usefulness and demand profiling
  • Applying the key principles of subsidy design and compare different methods to reduce the financial burden of implementing subsidies
  • Analyzing transitional strategies for cost-recoveries
  • Engaging in online group discussions with peers and experts worldwide
  • Creating your own Action Plan to plan for a tariff structuring/subsidy design
  • Engaging and building professional relationships with your fellow participants and leading regulatory specialists, commissioners, and financiers
  • Take this course from your home or business on your schedule and at your pace
  • Develop a standardized, quality assured, user-friendly excel-based model for the future assessment of financial models of large projects



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