We are committed to using all practical means to ensure a safe healthy and environment friendly workplace, minimizing the risk of injury/illness to people & damage to  plant & equipment; as well as  prevent of pollution

We believe that the safety & health of employees, and protection to the environment continues to be the first consideration in the operation of the business.

We believe that no manager, engineer, supervisor or operating head may ever be relieved of any part of his responsibility for S.H.E.

We will achieve this by ensuring that:

  • Sound trainee interaction practices are applied
  • Standards of working procedures are clearly defined
  • Employees are appropriately trained
  • Computers and Training Equipment are suitable for the task
  • Information and communication systems are available to every employee, and
  • All Government Regulations and Statutes are complied with

We are committed to our obligation to provide a safe, healthy and conducive work environment.

We are committed to ensure that every employee understands and accepts a responsibility and duty to make every effort to ensure that their health & safety and that of those around them are safeguarded; including protection of the environment


David K. Kandie

Chief Learning Officer                                       1st January 2021

OCL Learning | Training, Consulting, Certification