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Microsoft Power BI Desktop and Microsoft Power Query

Course Overview

This course shows you how you can design rich and interactive analysis tools that look like they have spent weeks in development.

In short: this is deeper business insight in a fraction of the time, using intuitive tools that can be readily obtained and implemented.Key learning through a practical case study.

This three-day (24 Hours contact training) course assumes little pre-existing knowledge other than basic-to-intermediate Excel functionality.

We will develop a sophisticated case study exploiting many of the powerful tools and functionalities from a standing start.

Using hands-on examples throughout, you will learn how to convert mountains of data into key business information efficiently.

Key management reporting, variance analysis and KPIs can be delivered faster than you can imagine.

Key Benefits

  • Understand how Power Pivot and Power Query build on the functionality in Excel’s native tools, such as PivotTables, Slicers and key analytical functions
  • Be able to import data from a variety of electronic sources and relate them quickly to deliver key information in minutes not weeks
  • Derive best practice database design, realising the power of the Data Model by using LOOKUP lists and efficient database design
  • Learn how to write powerful formulae in PowerPivot’s Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) language.
  • Convert your knowledge of Excel into powerful and intuitive dashboards by using Power BI to automate your reports

Course Topics

  • Understand the revolutionary changes in Power Query and the ease it provides for Excel pros.
  • Successfully navigate the Power Query interface.
  • Understand and properly configure data types.
  • Understand and perform importing data.
  • Understand and perform transforming data.
  • Understand and perform loading data.
  • Understand and utilize ranges in Excel.
  • Understand and handle special situations.
  • Understand and perform appending operations.
  • Understand and utilize working with folders and files.
  • Understand and perform combining worksheets.
  • Understand and utilize PivotTables.
  • Understand working with relational data.
  • Understand and perform importing from SQL Server Analysis Services Multidimensional.
  • Understand and perform importing from SQL Server Analysis Services Tabular.
  • Understand the issues encountered when performing merges.
  • Understand and utilize merges.
  • Understand and utilize loading into Excel.
  • Understand and utilize loading into Power Pivot.
  • Understand and utilize loading to Power BI Desktop.
  • Understand and utilize the data sources available.
  • Understand and utilize grouping.
  • Understand and utilize summarizing.
  • Understand the M interface.
  • Understand Power Query formulas.

Course Overview

This Microsoft Power BI Desktop and Microsoft Power Query training class familiarizes the participant with Microsoft Power Query, a revolutionary data tool for Excel that allows you to intuitively discover and automate the import, transformation, and combination of data across a variety of data sources for use in Excel and Microsoft Power BI. Power Query is a free add-in for Excel that enhances the self-service Business Intelligence experience in Excel. The course uses Excel 2016; however, Power Query works with Excel 2010 and above.

The student should be familiar with Excel and the concepts of datasets and basic reporting, including the use of PivotTables.

Course Duration

Course Duration is 24 Hours (3 Full Days) or 6 sessions of 4 hours each.

Course Cost

KES. 22,500.00

How to Sign up

Email: info@opencastlabs.co.ke

Or TEXT/WhatsApp or Call: +254790706395

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