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Expert Microsoft Excel Reports

We build Excel spreadsheets and Access and SQL databases.  We improve them, audit them and train your staff on how to make more efficient spreadsheets.

Our services include building process automation tools (e.g. data aggregation and reporting tools, commission and fee calculators, budget and reporting packages, dynamic dashboards), VBA/macro development, Excel training, spreadsheet auditing, Microsoft Access/SQL Server database design and Access macros/VBA programming.

We build professional Excel and Access based tools that save time, money and reduce the potential for errors.

The tools we build are user-friendly, robust and flexible. The code is developed according to best programming practices and can be digitally signed to enhance your security.

Our reporting packages and dashboards cut prep time by 75% or more, are impressive looking and incredibily effective. Further, you will be amazed at the enhancements we can make to your existing reporting packages and dashboards.

We train employees on spreadsheet skills and provide more specialized Excel training such as No-macro Process Automation, No-macro Dynamic Dashboards, How to Audit Spreadsheets and Building Standards-compliant Spreadsheets.

Request for Proposal

Request for Proposal


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