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Excel Macros & VBA Training

 Macros and VBA Training

What you’ll learn
  • Learn how to automate daily loop routine tasks within Excel
  • Learn best practices when creating macros and streamline your VBA code
  • Determine when it’s best to use the Macro Recorder versus VBA
  • Learn how to write custom VBA Macros to create more robust automation
  • Learn VBA programming concepts to create dynamic, re-usable code


Module I:

  • Introduction
  • Recording your first Macro

Module II:

  • Selections
  • Properties
  • Colors

Module III:

  • Variables
  • Conditions
  • Loops

Module IV:

  • Procedures and Functions
  • Dialog Boxes

Module V:

  • Worksheet Events
  • Worksheet Events

Module VI


  • UserForm
  • Controls

Module VII

  • Arrays
  • Using Excel Functions
  • User Defined Functions



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