In this Intermediate Microsoft Excel class, you will use powerful tools and features to manage and analyze your data.

Packed with tips and tricks, you will quickly gain Excel power-user skills to help you work effectively.

The class starts with popular formulas and functions like VLOOKUP, SUMIF, and CONCAT. Then, you will learn to manipulate data in lists by sorting, filtering, adding subtotals, and more. You will learn to create engaging and insightful reports by visualizing your data using charts and then adding shapes, images and logos.

The class wraps up with important lessons on tables and advanced formatting, including conditional formatting, styles, and custom templates.

This class is for users of Excel 2019 or Excel 365 on Windows. (Users of Excel 2016 and Excel 2013 can attend the class and may notice some differences in their version of the softwa

Class Goals

  • Use Excel database functions and logic functions to work with information in large datasets.
  • Leverage Excel’s statistical functions to analyze data.
  • Visualize your data using charts to show trends, create comparisons, and demonstrate other meaningful insights.
  • Convert, sort, filter, and manage lists to keep your data organized.Insert and modify illustrations, logos, or shapes to create professional reports.
  • Manage and analyze data using tables.
  • Emphasize interesting and unusual data with conditional formatting
  • Save time by using styles to apply formatting instantly.

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Class Cost: KES 9,000.00

Class Delivery: Live Online for Individuals. Corporate Onsite for 3+

Duration: 9 Hours

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