Master all popular Microsoft Excel Functions and Formulas. This class is a module within the Advanced Microsoft Excel Master Class.

Excel Formulas and Functions Training

This class focuses on functions in all classes such as;

  • Text Functions like concatenate, left, right, upper, lower and all other functions for manipulating text and cleaning data
  • Lookup and Reference functions such as VLOOKUP, hlookup, index, match, choose and other functions for looking up columns and cells.
  • Math functions for summarizing data such as sumif, sumifs, SUMPRODUCT, average, averageif and many more.
  • Date and Time Functions such as now, today, weekday, weeknum, eomonth. These are functions for automating reporting
  • Logical functions for making decisions such as if, and, or, switch and iferror
  • Finance Functions for calculating time value for money such as PMT, Yield,nper. This are core functions for building financial models. Also covered in our Financial Modeling with Excel

This class is 6 hours long (covered in 2 sessions) with class assignments in between sessions.

We will also provide you with post class resources and our trainee only benefit Functions Dictionary with live examples of how to apply the functions in a real world.

Cost is $100.00

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