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Financial Reporting with Power BI

Create comprehensive financial reports in Power BI that represent key insights in a compelling and dynamic way.

The course contains a number of real-world tips and techniques for financial reporting development work using Power BI.

By using the unique ideas and concepts reviewed in detail throughout this course you will be able to produce high-quality reports that showcase financial information in a compelling way. Throughout all the modules you will walk through a detailed example, covering reporting elements such as income statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements, aged trial balances and more. Covered are many formula techniques, modelling concepts and dynamic visualization ideas that when combined can impress any consumer of financial information in your teams or organizations.

Details of what you will learn during this course

  • Learn – how to optimize & model financial reporting data for Power BI
  • Understand – the visualization possibilities for financial metrics
  • Implement – a unique table template technique for financial reports
  • Learn – how to combine the correct DAX functions in your reports
  • Learn – dynamic visualization techniques within your reports
  • Learn – some advanced DAX formula combinations for solving certain calculations
  • Understand – how to use the right relationships in your models
  • Produce – detailed financial reports that are completely automated
  • Learn – how to manage data from multiple tables in one model
  • Build – a robust data model and report that showcases compelling insights

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