Learn how you can leverage Power BI to easily build reports and dashboards with interactive visualizations and see how other organizations have used this solution to drive business results with actionable insights.

  • Introduction to Power BI
  • What is Power BI
  • Downloading Power BI Desktop
  • The Data Model
  • Data Modeling & Visualization
  • A look at the various data sources
  • Class Exercise: Importing Excel Data
  • The Power BI Service
  • Analyze data with self-service BI.
  • Connect to data sources.
  • Perform data cleaning, profiling, and shaping.
  • Visualize data with Power BI.
  • Enhance data analysis by adding and customizing visual elements.
  • Model data with calculations.
  • Create interactive visualizations.
Power BI Dashboards


  1. Analyzing Data with Self-Service BI
    1. Data Analysis and Visualization for Business Intelligence
    2. Self-Service BI with Microsoft Power BI
  2. Connecting to Data Sources
    1. Create Data Connections
    2. Configure and Manage Data Relationships
    3. Save Files in Power BI
  3. Performing Data Cleaning, Profiling, and Shaping
    1. Clean, Transform, and Load Data with the Query Editor
    2. Profile Data with the Query Editor
    3. Shape Data with the Query Editor
    4. Combine and Manage Data Rows
  4. Visualizing Data with Power BI
    1. Create Visualizations in Power BI
    2. Chart Data in Power BI
  5. Enhancing Data Analysis
    1. Customize Visuals and Pages
    2. Incorporate Tooltips
  6. Modeling Data with Calculations
    1. Create Calculations with Data Analysis Expressions (DAX)
    2. Create Calculated Measures and Conditional Columns
  7. Creating Interactive Visualizations
    1. Create and Manage Data Hierarchies
    2. TFilter and Slice Reports
    3. Create Dashboards


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