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Data Analysis with STATA

Data Analysis with STATA

Data analysis with Stata is designed to train course participants to be professional data analysts. It is designed for participants without or with very little experience using Stata, but it requires basic knowledge on descriptive statistics.

Course participants will learn how to “talk” to Stata, Importing data to Stata, constructing a workflow in Stata, dealing with missing data,data manipulation, running basic statistical routines, combining datasets,programming, creating communicative graphics, running regression models,and presenting statistical results.

Participants will also lean how to utilize loops and local or global variables, use advanced commands such as by,collapse,or reshape,and to create informative do-files.

During the course, the instructor will use Stata to demonstrate relevant techniques in each topic. Participants and the instructor will use real world dataset such as survey data (IFLS) or publicly available dataset (World Bank Open Data, Penn Tabes, Eurostat, ECB). To get a hands-on approach of using Stata, the instructor recommends participants to bring their laptop, with the programme Stata installed on it.

The main goal of this course is for participants to be able to independently create a working dataset from raw data, conduct statistical analyses,and create informative graphics.

Class Content

  1. Creating a working Data
  2. Data Manipulation
  3. Basic Statistical Routines
  4. Graphics
  5. Regression Analysis
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