Go from starter analyst to a seasoned analyst when you take this course.

This Data Analysis with Excel for the Data Analyst takes you through 10 modules – exposing you to basic concepts of data modeling, data wrangling, create data cubes and building Business reports from scratch.

  • Module I: Introduction to Data Analysis in Excel using Data Analysis ToolPack, Solver Addin and What If Analysis – Goal seek
  • Module II: Introduction to the Microsoft Excel Data Model
  • Module III: Importing Excel Data from other workbooks, Databases, Web applications and Google sheets
  • Module I: Introduction to Measures and KPIs in Power Pivot
  • Module V: Data Transformation using Power Query
  • Module VI: Data Visualization – Building Dashboards, Super charts and Data Visuals in Excel
  • Module VII: Introduction to Visualization using Power BI (Basic Visuals and Measures)
  • Module VIII: Automation using Macros and introduction to VBA
  • Module IX: Querying Data using SQL
  • Module X: Data Forecasting Tools and Excel Formulas for Forecasting
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