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Database Management Training

Comprehensive Microsoft Access Training

Database Development and Management with Microsoft Office Access 2016

This Microsoft Access 2016 training class starts by covering basic database concepts. Students will then learn to design and create databases and tables, query those tables, and create forms and reports in Access 2016 or Access 365.

The final day of the class will be spent on advanced Access 2016 database design and optimization and advanced form customization.


Gain an understanding of database concepts and terminology

  1. Learn about the Access interface.
  2. Learn to work with table views, queries, forms, reports, and macros and modules.
  3. Learn to plan a database.
  4. Learn database design fundamentals.
  5. Learn to work with forms and the Form Wizard.
  6. Learn to work with reports and the Report Wizard.
  7. Learn about database relationships.
  8. Learn to work with table relationships.
  9. Learn to work with queries at an advanced level.
  10. Learn to work with forms at an advanced level..
  11. Learn to work with reports at an advanced level.
  12. Learn to work with macros.
  13. Learn to complete the desktop application with the navigation form.

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