Comprehensive Illustrator CC


This comprehensive Adobe Illustrator training course will take students new to Illustrator CC through the basics of getting to know the work area and creating basic illustrations up through applying styles, working with symbols and managing colors for print.


  1. Learn to navigate the Illustrator environment.
  2. Learn to create documents and basic shapes.
  3. Working with colors, swatches, and fill and stroke.
  4. Organize a project and work with layers and artboards.
  5. Learn advanced illustration techniques.
  6. Learn to work with shape, brush, and gradient tools to manage shapes in your projects.
  7. Learn to work with type.
  8. Manage project components.
  9. Learn to build a packaging layout and create a 3D rendering from the artwork.
  10. Learn to work with graphs.
  11. Learn to work with perspective grids.
  12. Learn to prepare web assets in Illustrator.

This Comprehensive Illustrator CC training is offered by OpenCastLabs Consulting in Nairobi Kenya.

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