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How to create relationships I. Excel

Use the power of the Excel Data Model and Pivot tables to analyze data from multiple data sources

Optimizing Product Mix with Excel Solver

Essential Steps To define an optimization model in Excel you’ll follow these essential steps: Organize the data for your problem in the spreadsheet in a logical manner. Choose a spreadsheet cell to hold the value of each decision variable in your model. Create a spreadsheet formula in a cell that calculates the objective function for your model. Create a formulas…
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How to Create a Waterfall chart

How to chart Income Statement Data with Excel Waterfall. A waterfall chart is a form of data visualization that helps in understanding the cumulative effect of sequentially introduced positive or negative values. These intermediate values can either be time based or category based. Full video:

Import Data into Excel, and Create a Data Model

Excel for Microsoft 365 Excel 2019 Excel 2016 Excel 2013 Abstract:    This is the first tutorial in a series designed to get you acquainted and comfortable using Excel and its built-in data mash-up and analysis features. These tutorials build and refine an Excel workbook from scratch, build a data model, then create amazing interactive reports using Power View.…
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