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Essential DATE Functions for the Data Analyst

Essential DATE Functions and Formulas for the Data Analyst When automating reports in Microsoft Excel from data extracted from accounting systems, any analyst desires to build a template once and be able to automatically generate weekly, monthly and annually. To achieve this, one need the perfect formulas to pick you data correctly. Download the Workbook …

KCSE 2018 Top 100 Summary

KCSE 2018 Top 100 Summary

KCSE 2018 Top 100 Summary Download Excel File KCSE 2018 County Top 100 Analysis 2018 KCSE EXAMINATION TOP 100 OVERALL Popular Links Data Analysis with Excel for Data Analysts Advanced Microsoft Excel Master Class Data Analysis with SPSS (Module II) Access you results here KENYA NATIONAL EXAMINATION PORTAL Juliet Otieno of Pangani Girls is the …

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