Course Title: Budgeting and Forecasting with Excel (2-Day Course)

Unlock the Power of Excel to Build Budgets and Models at Scale!

📊 Master the art of budgeting and forecasting. 📈 Make data-driven decisions confidently. 📉 Elevate your Excel skills to the next level.

The Budgeting and Forecasting course is an intensive 2-day journey that demystifies budgeting, forecasting, and Excel wizardry. From building robust budget templates to unleashing advanced forecasting techniques, this course empowers you with the tools and knowledge to drive financial success in any organization.

Day 1: Introduction to Budgeting and Excel Basics

Morning Session:

Module 1: Introduction to Budgeting

  • Definition and importance of budgeting
  • Types of budgets
  • Budgeting process overview

Module 2: Excel Basics for Budgeting

  • Excel interface and navigation
  • Basic formulas and functions
  • Data entry and formatting

Afternoon Session:

Module 3: Creating a Budget Template

  • Setting up a budget spreadsheet
  • Identifying budget components
  • Data validation and error-checking

Day 2: Advanced Techniques and Forecasting

Morning Session:

Module 4: Advanced Excel Functions for Budgeting

  • Conditional formatting for budget visualization
  • Data validation and drop-down lists

Module 5: Advanced Forecasting Techniques

  • Moving averages and exponential smoothing
  • Regression analysis for forecasting
  • Scenario analysis and sensitivity analysis

Afternoon Session:

Module 6: Budgeting and Forecasting Integration

  • Linking budgets to forecasts
  • Rolling forecasts and reforecasting
  • Budget vs. actual analysis

Module 7: Decision-Making with Budget and Forecast Data

  • Variance analysis
  • Making informed decisions based on budget and forecast information

Module 8: Consolidating Multiple Program Budgets

  • Consolidating Budgets
  • Generating reports consolidated budgets
  • Multi-year and multi-month budgets
  • Connecting Budget vs Actuals

Course Conclusion:

  • Certificates of completion
  • Post-course resources and support

In this condensed format, the training focuses on the essentials of budgeting, Excel, and forecasting, with a combination of theory and hands-on practice. Participants will get a solid foundation in budgeting and forecasting techniques using Excel over two intensive days. This course is an expanded module of our Advanced Excel Master Class

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