BI Deployment

Take advantage of Microsoft Excel’s Business Intelligence capabilities. Since you don’t need to invest in new infrastructure and software, Microsoft Excel remains as one of the choice BI Application. We will integrate your existing ERP with Microsoft Excel so that you do not need to extract reports each time.

Request a no obligation Proposal

Let us walk you through the BI application lifecycle. We will start by developing your business case and preparing the environment for deployment (change management). In the next step we will help you to select vendors, set up the Project Office and also manage the deployment.

Where are you in BI Deployment? Information for Action
My environment does not need a BI Application Contact us for Proposal
I need help identifying the best BI for my ERP Contact us for Proposal
I have identified a vendor, I need IT Project Management (BI Deployment) Contact us for IT Project Management
I have implemented my BI, I need help measuring my ROI Contact us for ROI Measurement
I do not have a BI Tool, I need first to implement an ERP Contact us for RFQ/RFP Development
I have an existing BI Tool, I need to change/migrate to a new tool Contact us for Proposal
Tell me about hosted BI (Software as a Service) – CloudBI Contact us for Proposal
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