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Essential DATE Functions for the Data Analyst

Essential DATE Functions and Formulas for the Data Analyst

When automating reports in Microsoft Excel from data extracted from accounting systems, any analyst desires to build a template once and be able to automatically generate weekly, monthly and annually. To achieve this, one need the perfect formulas to pick you data correctly.

Download the Workbook here: Essential-Date-Formulas-for-the-Analyst.xlsx (72 downloads)

Advanced Microsoft Excel Master Class

Fetching essential business metrics like Year to Date (YTD), Month to Date (MTD) becomes quite an easy task when the functions below are applied.

  • First Day of the current month
  • Last day of the current month
  • Fist Monday of the Month
  • Last Monday of the month
  • Fist Monday of the Year
  • Number of Days Next Month
  • Number of Days previous month
  • Number of Days Current month
  • First Day of the year
  • Last Day of the year

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