Advanced Microsoft PowerPoint Training

Take your PowerPoint presentations from blah to ta-da! Create impressive presentations in this Advanced PowerPoint class.

In this class, you will build professional presentations with themes, backgrounds, footers, and sections.

Then, learn to use Slide Master to ensure consistency and save time. Next, focus on advanced-level content by adding animations, sounds, albums, captions, videos and other visuals while maintaining a professional appearance.

Once you have mastered building the presentation, you will focus on a flawless delivery. You will use slideshow tools, manage multiple presentations, and leverage outlines and handouts.

The class wraps up with packaging and security features, which help you safely and easily share your amazing presentations!

Class Goals

  • Work with themes, styles, footers, and sections to customize your presentation
  • Use the Presentation Masters to ensure consistency throughout your slides, notes, and handouts
  • Add special effects appropriately and professionally.
  • Create, edit, and import graphic elements and multimedia.
  • Quickly and easily create outlines and handouts for your audience.
  • Merge presentations and reuse slides from multiple sources to save time.
  • Minimize technical issues when sharing your presentation with remote audiences.
  • Embed fonts, compress graphics, and check for compatibility and accessibility for easier distribution.
  • Protect your presentation with powerful security features.
  • Learn how to embed Power BI Reports to Power Point