Advanced Microsoft Visio 2016

Advanced Microsoft Visio (Part I)

This course is for those professionals looking at getting all round accomplishment and certification in Microsoft Office Visio.

In this course, learn multiple ways to build diagrams more effectively and to create more powerful drawings. ​Examine how to create hyperlinks to external locations, which is one of the most significant ways to enhance the value of a Visio diagram.

If you have experience with Visio, but you feel that you’re just scratching the surface, check out this course and get what you need to transform from a casual Visio user to a Visio power user.

  1. Key Tools and Skills for Power Users  
    1. Understanding Shapes, Masters, Stencils, and Templates
    2. Managing and Customizing Visio
    3. The Visio Developer Tab
    4. Creating custom shapes and stencils
    5. Taking advantage of the document Stencil
    6. Using the Diagram Explorer
    7. Understanding and using the Visio ShapeSheet 
  2. Advanced Hyperlinking in Visio  
    1. Visio Pages and Shapes
    2. Documents and named locations inside documents
    3. Email Addresses
  3. Adding Structure to Diagrams with Containers and Lists  
    1. What are container lists
    2. Containers and Lists in standard Visio templates
    3. Creating customer containers and lists

Course Duration: 1 Day

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