About OpenCastLabs Consulting

The Home of Advanced Microsoft Excel and Financial Modeling Training in Eastern Africa

We are a leading training and consulting firm based in Nairobi, Kenya focused on delivering Technology and Enterprise Applications and Solutions to companies, Non-Profits and Government Agencies.

OpenCastLabs Consulting in Africa (www.opencastlabs.co.ke) is known for Microsoft Office Applications, Advanced Excel, Microsoft Project, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Visio and Database Management with Access and SQL.

Other services include

  • Research Services
  • Brand Penetration Surveys
  • Employee and Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Salaries and Compensation Surveys
  • Corruption Perception & Corruption Index
  • Tariff and Rate Modeling for County Governments and Regulatory Authorities
  • Market Research
  • Opinion Polls
  • Subsidy Designs
  • Financial Modeling
  • E-Learning
  • Employee Audits
  • Head Hunting and Recruitment

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