About OpenCastLabs

OpenCastLabs partners with government, non-profit and commercial clients to deliver professional services and technology solutions in environment and infrastructure, health, human services, and social programs, business processes and telecommunications markets. The firm combines passion for its work with industry expertise and innovative analytics to produce compelling results throughout the entire program life cycle, from research and analysis through implementation and improvement.

OpenCastLabs Consulting delivers E-Governance software, e-Discovery, Digital Transformation and Office 365 Integration to corporates and organized groups in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda & the Democratic Republic of Congo.

OpenCastLabs Consulting is a BoardMaps and Microsoft Partner (Partner ID No. 4471098) and a Project Management Institute (PMI) Learning Provider. OpenCastLabs Consulting is registered in Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda as Public Limited Companies.

Staff of Senior Industry Veterans

We live this business every day and have for years. OpenCastLabs Consulting is made up of a team of certified experts in their areas of specialization who have worked in these areas for several years, in fact, collectively, our leadership team has more than 20 years of experience – and we have the gray hair to prove it.

The Perspective of Broad Experience

Our clients span a broad base of industries including Government, Non-Profits, Banking, Education, Financial institutions of all sizes and types. We are deeply involved with technology change and regulatory impacts on the industry. Our broad knowledge base means we understand the dynamics of your business as well as the economics of both sides of deals.

Long-Term Relationships Built on Results

We are proud of the long-standing relationships that are the hallmark of our client interactions. We earn the trust of our clients by bringing a broad perspective, objective opinions, fresh creative thinking and honest answers. We help our clients think through options and the implications. In the end, our relationships with our clients are based on results that are both significant and sustainable.

Staffing Capacity and Key Competencies

OpenCastLabs retains highly dedicated staffs who are experts in their knowledge areas. We seek to retain the best talent by recognizing effort, achievement and contribution to the overall mission of the company.

Regional Focus

OpenCastLabs Consulting operates in all Eastern Africa Countries: Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, and Tanzania

Product & Services

Microsoft Office Applications Productivity

Our office productivity training comprises of online and in-person training in Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, MS Project and Microsoft Visio.

Other office productivity trainings we offer include but not limited to;

  • Microsoft Navision ERP Business Central
  • Financial Modeling with Microsoft Excel
  • Budgeting and Forecasting with Excel Training

Business Integration Services & PowerApps

At OCL, we believe in creating simple, elegant solutions for complicated problems. We do this by developing mobile apps, websites and online systems that are custom-made to perfectly meet our customers’ needs.

Our corporate customers tell us that our products deliver quantum leaps in efficiency. Our entrepreneur customers say we make their app dreams come true. Talk to us today to see if we can help you too.

Our mobile apps, web services and responsive websites are expertly designed to be reliable, helpful and easy to use on iOS, Android and Windows platforms.

We help businesses to be more efficient, competitive and profitable by introducing mobile services into their operations and key customer interactions. Using cutting-edge development technology, expert project management and proven marketing techniques, we help transform time-consuming, complicated and tedious processes into helpful and enjoyable experiences for customers, staff and other key audiences.

Microsoft Office 365 E-Discovery

OCL are partners with CoreView – the leading SaaS Management Platform for Microsoft Office 365. CoreView comprehensively discovers, analyses and manages Microsoft 365, all through a single pane interface providing total visibility and granular management to maximize your ROI. With CoreView you can avoid security risks, cut operating costs and improve productivity.

Digital Workplace

By connecting your workforce, you can transform your company culture to one that is more agile and better equipped to innovate.

Today’s businesses’ need to be online and accessible, whichever way the customer wants to reach you and at whatever time. The same applies for your employees. To attract talent, be relevant in the market and enable your employees to be the best they can be, you need to start transforming your business from within.

You need to speed up the flow of information, accelerate your time to market, hire and use talent globally, enforce processes and best practice across the entire business, as well as reduce costs across your infrastructure, limit downtime and administration spent on technical issues.

We assist companies to enable employees through digital workplace solutions. From implementation to adoption of the solution, return on value can be seen almost immediately.

Our People

Robert Kabutu, CPA(K) – Senior Associate, Great Lakes

Robert is a Corporate finance manager and CPA offering over 16 years of experience building, leading, and advising corporations through financial reporting, Tax and regulatory compliance, periodic budgets and forecasts and capital markets transactions. Strong expertise in preparation and presentation of periodic financial statements in accordance with IFRS;
Accomplished in structuring and negotiating transactions and favourable terms with commercial and investment banks. Excellent leader with a track record of documented contributions leading to improved financial performance, heightened productivity, and enhanced internal controls.

Robert previously served in senior roles at the Sonarwa SARL in Rwanda

Robert is a trainer and senior consulting associate at OCL Learning

Collins Makheti – Senior Associate, Learning & Development, Data and Analytics

Collins is an experience Data & Analytics professionals specializing in data wrangling, analysis and reporting professionals specializing fintech and financial data. Collins highly analytical, detail-oriented and has demonstrated ability to effectively influence the decisions of senior business leaders through effective verbal and written communication, financial analysis, logical reasoning, and the presentation of alternatives.

Collins is the Senior Associate, Learning & Development (Data & Analytics)

Alfred Mutugi – Associate, Learning & Development, Data and Analytics

Alfred drives the implementation and analysis of metrics around the talent and leadership strategy and programs through reporting and assessments and offer solutions efficiencies and streamline processes engaging technology for automation, reduce redundancies in process, reporting and workflow
He also manages surveys/data collection and analysis, design and maintain data systems and databases including fixing basic coding errors and other data-related problems

Alfred is the data and analytics associate.

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27 Church Road, Westlands – Nairobi

Tel: +254 790 706 395 | Email: info@opencastlabs.co.ke

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